Video Conversion (FFMPEG) FFMPEG is the most popular library for video manipulation. FFMPEG provides large set of commands for media processing. You can join video files,audio files , can convert video files in different formats, generate thumbnails, generate gif and many more. FFMPEG is a complete solution for any manipulation for audio and video files.

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free online currency exchange Here I am writing some most useful commands that you can use in your project.
For details you can visit:

go to site Example of generating thumb of video and converting all videos to mp4:

source url <?php $tempLocation=$_FILES['file']['tmp_name']; $filename=uniqid(); /* generating thumbnail from a video */ $thumbname='thumb_'.$filename.'.jpg'; //give a name to thumb $size = "400*400"; //size of thumb $getFromSecond = 1; //from which second you want to capture thumb $uploadThumbPath='/var/www/html/test/videoprocessed/thumbs/'.$thumbname; //path to upload thumb on server $cmd = shell_exec("ffmpeg -i $tempLocation -an -ss $getFromSecond -s $size $uploadThumbPath 2>&1"); ?> otomatik forex i┼člemleri Getting Deatils Of Video
//getting video information
ffprobe command is used to get detailed info about a media. You can all info in json format: $videoInfo=shell_exec("ffprobe -v quiet -print_format json -show_format -show_streams $tempLocation 2>&1"); $videoInfoArray=json_decode($videoInfo); $videoHeight=$videoInfoArray->streams[0]->height; //480 $videoWidth=$videoInfoArray->streams[0]->width; //720

follow site enter Coversion of video format:

hombre solo en el mar //converting video in another format $uploadfilePathMp4='/var/www/html/test/videoprocessed/'.$filename.'.mp4'; //converting video in mp4 and set resolution to 720*480 $cmd=shell_exec("ffmpeg -i $tempLocation -c:v libx264 -s 720*480 $uploadfilePathMp4 2>&1"); //just converting video in mp4 $cmd=shell_exec("ffmpeg -i $tempLocation -c:v libx264 $uploadfilePathMp4 2>&1"); You can use these two commands accordingly by getting video current resolution by ffprobe

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actos publicos partido de la costa if($videoWidth>720 || $videoHeight>720) //if video resolution is high then convert video in 720*480 { $cmd=shell_exec("ffmpeg -i $tempLocation -c:v libx264 -s 720*480 $uploadfilePathMp4 2>&1"); } else{ //just change format $cmd=shell_exec("ffmpeg -i $tempLocation -c:v libx264 $uploadfilePathMp4 2>&1"); }