String Search

follow site 1) source strpos or stripos— strpos find the position of firstoccurance of string and
returns false if string is not found. String position starts with 0 so
dont compare with 0 for finding string

iq option a che serve

follow url $a = 'How arEd you?'; if(strpos($a,'are')!==false) { echo "string found"; } // strpos is case sensitive. Use stripos() for case insensitive

source link 2) preg_match()
//matches regular expression with a string

source url

go to link $a = 'How are you?'; if (preg_match('/are/i',$a)) //here i is for case insensitive echo 'true'; // output->true but below output will also be true $a = 'How ffare you?'; if (preg_match('/are/i',$a)) echo 'true'; // output->true // so we can use a boundary limit character of regular expression \b $a = 'How are you?'; if (preg_match('/\bare\b/i',$a)) echo 'true'; // output->true 3) watch strstr() and stristr()
//search a string and returns rest part of the string

see url $a = 'How are you?'; echo strstr($a,'are'); //output-- are you? $a = 'How are you?'; echo strstr($a,'are',true); //output-- How ? but strstr does not check if its a single word it also searches string within a word. So it is not correct method for searching $a = 'How areee you?'; echo strstr($a,'are'); //output-- areee you?