String Search

source link 1) How To Get Viagra Prescription in Raleigh North Carolina strpos or stripos— strpos find the position of firstoccurance of string and
returns false if string is not found. String position starts with 0 so
dont compare with 0 for finding string


follow url $a = 'How arEd you?'; if(strpos($a,'are')!==false) { echo "string found"; } // strpos is case sensitive. Use stripos() for case insensitive

opzioni binarie deposito 50 euro 2) preg_match()
//matches regular expression with a string

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site de rencontre pour mariage islamique $a = 'How are you?'; if (preg_match('/are/i',$a)) //here i is for case insensitive echo 'true'; // output->true but below output will also be true $a = 'How ffare you?'; if (preg_match('/are/i',$a)) echo 'true'; // output->true // so we can use a boundary limit character of regular expression \b $a = 'How are you?'; if (preg_match('/\bare\b/i',$a)) echo 'true'; // output->true

see url 3) strstr() and stristr()
//search a string and returns rest part of the string

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click $a = 'How are you?'; echo strstr($a,'are'); //output-- are you? $a = 'How are you?'; echo strstr($a,'are',true); //output-- How ? but strstr does not check if its a single word it also searches string within a word. So it is not correct method for searching $a = 'How areee you?'; echo strstr($a,'are'); //output-- areee you?