Getting Filenames From Path Sometimes you have a situation when you want filename without extension and you don’t know extension then you can use pathinfo().

here Example File info:

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demo iq opzione binarie $file='/www/htdocs/inc/'; $ext = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_EXTENSION); // php $filename = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_FILENAME); // $dirname = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_DIRNAME); // /www/htdocs/inc $fileFullName = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_BASENAME); //

broker opzioni binarie demo gratuita pathinfo() function can be used for all purposes. So it is best.

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watch Here is an example of using pathinfo() without predefined constants

follow link <?php $path_parts = pathinfo('/www/htdocs/inc/'); echo $path_parts['dirname'], "\n"; echo $path_parts['basename'], "\n"; echo $path_parts['extension'], "\n"; echo $path_parts['filename'], "\n"; // since PHP 5.2.0 ?> The above example will output: /www/htdocs/inc php

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