Comparing multidimentional json object or 2d array in PHP

follow Most of the time we stuck in the situations where we need to compare 2d arrays and find difference. Here I am providing an easy solution. In which we doesn’t need any foreach loop 2 times for doing this.



see url print_r( array_map("unserialize", array_diff_assoc( array_map("serialize", json_decode($array1)), array_map("serialize", json_decode($array2)) ) ) );

follow url So its really easy and it just returns array where it finds any difference.

go here How It works?

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gcm forex online If you look closer “What we are doing” it’s just a small trick. best option trading company 1)Serializing the 2-d ARRAY so that we can find diference by using PHP method “array_diff_assoc” 2)Using array_map to walk through each element
3)Unserialize the resulted array elements

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