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Remove Characters One By One (Closure Example)

köpa Viagra flashback 2015 <html> <body class=”someClass”> <input type=”button” onclick=”pp()” value=”click me”> <input type=”text” id=”jj” value=”Prashant”> </body> </html> <script src=””></script> <script src=””></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> var pp=(function(){ var name=$(“#jj”).val(); var stringlength=name.length; return function(){ var newString=”; for(i=0;i<stringlength;i++){ newString=newString+name[i]; } stringlength–; $(“#jj”).val(newString); } })(); </script>

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Create Date Object

go here <script type=”text/javascript”> function toDate(dateStr) { var parts = dateStr.split(“-“); return new Date(parts[2], parts[1] – 1, parts[0]); } var dateObj=toDate(“23-02-2017”); var dateObj2=toDate(“1-2-2017”); alert(dateObj); alert(dateObj2); </script>

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Insertion Sort

calcolo probabilità opzioni digitali insertion sort is one of the fastest algorithms for sorting very small arrays, even faster than quicksort. Performance: Worst case: O(n2) Average case: O(n2) Best case: O(n) <?php function insertionSort(array $array) { $length=count($array); for ($i=1;$i<$length;$i++) { $element=$array[$i]; //put second element…

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