Comparing and finding matched elements from an array

conocer hombres inteligentes Often it comes to requirement when we need to compare and return matched set of values from an array. Exm: Suppose we have an array like $array=array(‘audios/2015/01/audio_54c74d9d8b2bf__pd.m4a’, ‘audios/2015/01/audio_54c74d9d8b47e__pd.m4a’, ‘videos/2015/01/videos_54c75416c186d__pd.mp4’, ‘images/image_55c2fef42332.jpg’, ‘images/image_tt.jpg’, ‘videos/video_tt.jpg’ ) WE want to find images that start…

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Comparing multidimentional json object or 2d array in PHP

binary options trading plus500 Most of the time we stuck in the situations where we need to compare 2d arrays and find difference. Here I am providing an easy solution. In which we doesn’t need any foreach loop 2 times for doing this.  … Continue reading