Transaction in PHP Mysql

handla binära optioner This is how easily you can implement tractions in mysqli and PHP. $link = mysqli_connect(‘localhost’,’root’,”,’test’); // Check connection if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { die(‘error’); } mysqli_autocommit($link, FALSE); //disable autocommit $query=”insert into tb1 (username,pwd) values(‘pp’,’sdsd’)”; $queryres=mysqli_query($link, $query); if(!$queryres) { echo “error first query”;…

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Pagination in single Query What people normally do in the code? Example: //query to count total records $result = mysqli_query($conn,”SELECT COUNT(*) total FROM test”); //getting count if($result) { $totalRows=mysqli_num_rows($result); if($totalRows==1) { $resultData=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result); $total=$resultData[‘total’]; //total count in a variable } else{ echo “No rows found”;…

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