File Validation

quiero conocer gente gratis Here is a simple function to valid a image file. You can modify/add extensions and mime type according to your needs. function checkImageTypeArray($file) { $errorarray=array(); $allowExtension = array(“gif”, “jpeg”, “jpg”, “png”); $allowMime = array(“image/gif”, “image/jpesg”, “image/pjpeg”, “image/x-png”,”image/png”); $getFileExtension = pathinfo($file[‘name’],PATHINFO_EXTENSION);…

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WordPress Password Match From Outside of WordPress Here is how you can match a wordpress user from outside of wordpress. We just need to include wordpress class-phpass.php which contains functions for matching wordpress user password. This code is sometimes very useful if you are creating API or… conviene fare treding yaooo Cos è il bonus senza deposito Per bonus senza deposito si intende un bonus che viene erogato dal broker senza Continue reading

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